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Mobile Ordering and Delivery made Simple

  • Mobile order takers increase service efficiency

  • Online ordering allows your customers to conveniently place orders to-go

  • Flexible payments allow customers to pay however they choose

  • Mobile and online ordering and integrated delivery so your customers can order how they want

  • Delivery management optimizes smarter routes and order tracking 

  • Highly customizable loyalty program encourages repeat customers 

Online Ordering

While online ordering was on Revel’s product roadmap long before the pandemic spread worldwide, our team accelerated development on the latest product enhancements and offerings to meet a surge in demand for this product in the spring of 2020. 

“For years, merchants have been working to extend their brand experience off-premise,” explains Chris Lybeer, chief strategy officer at Revel. “The effects of the virus are fast-tracking that goal, and many of our clients have expressed that they’re allocating resources to compete digitally.”

Indeed, spending on meal delivery services was up 70% year-over-year in the last week of March, 2020. Retailers have seen a spike in eCommerce demand, too. Nearly 95% of the U.S. population was affected by stay-at-home orders in 2020, causing a massive shift towards an already growing mechanism for buying and selling goods.

Whether for food or for products, online channels were essential for connecting consumers and businesses in 2020. And with technology’s pervasiveness and an unyielding expectation of convenience, online ordering is here to stay. 








As referenced earlier in this post, delivery has long been an off-premise solution for restaurants. Full delivery management requires some investment, though. This includes a fleet of drivers (whether outsourced or in-house), order tracking and management through your kitchen, payment solutions for off-premise orders, and in today’s marketplace, on-going updates throughout the order process to keep your customers informed. 

Third-party providers certainly help offload and streamline the lift of delivery management for operators, but at a literal cost. Businesses can forfeit up to 40% of their average order to third-party providers. 

If you have the operational bandwidth for in-house delivery management, it can do wonders for your revenue. Revel has offered native delivery management to its clients for years. Additionally, our team adjusted the 2020 Revel product roadmap to fast-track an enhanced delivery management solution in the aftermath of the pandemic stronghold. The new solution—Delivery XT—is a leader in the native delivery management space. 

Revel Introduces Delivery XT

Delivery XT is Revel’s end-to-end, brandable delivery solution designed to improve order accuracy, speed of service, customer communication, and overall transaction satisfaction on every order. With dedicated apps for driver assignment and tracking, driver route directions, and delivery management with best-in-class reporting capabilities, Delivery XT is a full suite of apps integrated directly into the Revel point of sale.

Here are some of the ways Delivery XT propels off-premise service to the next level: 

  • Tightly integrate delivery management with your POS

  • Provide frictionless transactions for your customers

  • Keep control over every aspect of the customer delivery experience

  • Retain valuable customer and route data for operational improvements

Revel responds with Online Ordering XT

In alignment with this lasting trend, Revel launched Online Ordering XT, a fully brandable solution with a mobile-friendly user interface that allows complete merchant control of the online customer experience. The product is a completely re-envisioned eCommerce solution. It provides merchants with competitive, customizable order options, all fully integrated with the Revel platform.

Here are some of the ways Online Ordering XT elevates off-premise transactions for consumers and merchants alike: 

  • Own the customer experience

  • Keep your customer data

  • Offer a branded off-premise order experience

  • Provide real-time status updates for customer peace of mind

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